Buy Tanger Outlets Gift Cards for your friends or family

Do you know that you can buy 3 types of Gift Cards from Tanger Outlets?

Classic Gift Cards

Tanger Gift Cards are accepted at any of the stores at any Tanger Outlets location. Gift Cards can also be purchased on-site at Shopper Services at any Tanger shopping center location. The only exceptions would be temporary kiosks or stores so new that they have not yet been set up to process Tanger Gift Cards. Tanger Gift Card funds do not expire, and there are no maintenance fees on inactive cards.

E-Gift Cards

Tanger E-Gift Cards are the fastest and easiest way to show how much you care! They are instantly emailed to your recipient's email address with a personalized note from you upon completion of the below information. The recipient's email address will be used to access the digital gift card. E-Gift Cards can be resent to your recipient if their email is accidentally deleted by simply selecting Resend E-Gift Cards.

Corporate Gift Cards

Savings up to 25% on the nation's leading brand name manufacturers and premium designer labels. And the savings just get better for any order of $2500 or more! $1.50 activation fee per card is waived and receive free UPS Ground shipping, free vouchers for complimentary Tanger Coupon Books (retail value of up to $5 each) and free standard packaging for each card.

Source of the information: Tanger Outlets official website. More details available at any Tanger Outlets in the U.S. or at Tanger Outlets online.

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