jcpenney Portrait Studio outlet store is located in Fort Myers city, Florida - FL area. jcpenney Portrait Studio is placed at Edison Mall on address 4125 Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, Florida - FL 33901 - 9081 with GPS coordinates 26.599752, -81.868508.

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 (1/5) worst experience ever

By  on Dec 01, 2016

I wanted to share my experience with your outlet at the Edison Mall in Ft Myers. It was by far the worst experience of my life regarding customer service. I have never felt compelled to author any reviews, until this. Let me start by saying we live an hour from this studio. The first appointment they scheduled was for 7pm. My family of 4 had spent 4 hours, and $200.00 getting our hair and make up done for the pictures. When we arrived at our session, we were told the studio closes at 7pm. They stated they tried to call, but the call did not go thru. The employee at this time (who I found out on our next visit was new), apologized, and stated she would give us extra time, and consideration due to this error. She stated she would speak to the manager, and make them aware of the issue. I showed her pictures of the poses we were wanting, and she said that would not be a problem at all. I confirmed the phone number they had was correct, and we went on our way.The next appointment was scheduled 3 days later. Once again, my family spent 4 hours getting hair and make up done, at the cost again of $200.00. We again had to drive the hour back to the studio. Upon arrival, we were met with a different employee, who was standing next to the original employee we spoke to. The first thing this employee stated is she tried to call us, but the number wouldn't go thru. I never got an answer as to why they were calling. I assume it was to tell us that we would not get any consideration, or extra time for our first appointment that never happened. She said we only had 15 minutes total to shoot. Since that was the first thing she said to us, I assume the new employee I previously spoke to, had told her what was offered to us, and this other employee said no. The employee then started getting loud and aggressive when I stated that she wasn't privy to the conversation we had with the original employee. I then asked why everything was changed, and the employee said she was refusing to do our pictures, and we had to leave. I explained this was our 2nd trip, I had spent now $400.00 in the salon, plus gas and 2 full days wasted, and I was not leaving until the pictures were taken. I also asked for a manager, and she stated "she was the closet thing to it", and what she said goes. When I refused to leave, this employee called JC Penny security. Two security officers were brought to the studio by this employee. I explained the situation, and they told the employee she should take our pictures, which they eventually were. While we were waiting for security, the employee verbally accosted me- she called me retarded, and made derogatory comments to me regarding my children. My 6 year old I explained has a brain injury, and has a difficult time staying still. The employee told me that was no excuse, and my kids were products of bad parenting. The abuse continued, and did not stop until I stated I was video taping her. There was 10 minutes of this abuse. Also, the samples I brought to the first appointment, now could not all be done. They wouldn't allow post it notes over our lips on one of the scenes. I was never offered the membership that would offset any sitting fees. I will now be making an appointment at Gulf Coast Mall in Ft Myers to get the scenes done I originally requested, and were approved. I will never recommend this studio. I would like to be compensated to the extent you can for this. My 8 year old, begged me to call the police to our aid the abuse was so bad. My kids were frightened and heard everything, which is unforgivable. It was horrific. Please get back to me, and please provide training to this studio- not just customer service- but regarding children and disabilities. My kids were adopted by us, and fostered first- the 2 security guards in their mind, look just like the men that took them away from their parents. They were in tears when we left, and they thought these men would take their Mom and Dad away. This is much more serious then just poor customer service. It is one thing to attack and insult a parent- but this behavior was done in front of 2 already traumatized children. This interaction has rippling effects that are still be addressed in our home, and will undoubtedly be so in the future now.

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