Oh Canada outlet store is located in Winnipeg city, Manitoba area. Oh Canada is placed at Polo Park Shopping Centre on address 66Q - 1485 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3G 0W4 with GPS coordinates 49.881611, -97.199543.

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 (1/5) Terrible experience at Oh Canada

By  on Jan 03, 2017

For Christmas 2016, my husband and I bought our three children one-piece pajamas at the Oh Canada store in Polo Park...all three PJs were adult sizes. It was a difficult choice to buy them because they were very expensive - the most expensive PJs I'd ever bought. Each PJ cost $55 + taxes, so I spent a total of $186.45! However, the sales person assured me that the quality was excellent, and I thought they looked very cute (red background with a moose design and the words 'don't moose with me' written on them). We gave the PJs to the kids on Christmas morning and they looked great, and the fit was perfect. Unfortunately, they didn't work out. One of the kids wore the PJs for one night, and the other two for two nights. Buttons began popping off of the front of them, and where the rear flap was located, the fabric around the buttons was completely frayed, and the rear button hole on one was so enlarged from one night's use that the button didn't fit well into the button hole any more. It was very disappointing and the kids were very disappointed. The PJs were gently worn, but showed terrible wear after only one or two nights. Two of my children were born in Ethiopia in abject poverty and they treat their possessions with great care (often wrapping their things in the original packaging when not in use, so as to preserve them), so it was very distressing for them to see their PJs worn out and faulty after only 1 and 2 nights of regular night tossing and turning to account for the wear and tear. Four days after Christmas we drove 40 minutes to the Oh Canada store in Polo Park exclusively to return the PJs to the store...it was inconvenient, but we wanted to return them promptly so there would be no question of multiple nights' usage. The sales person informed us that they were not returnable because they had been worn. I indicated that of course the PJs were worn - we were returning them because they were so raggedy in parts after only 1/2 nights. The quality was so poor and the state of them so obvious that even the sales person agreed. She said, however, that she didn't have the authority to make the return so she contacted her manager by phone, who said the same thing. I was incredulous, and was told that someone else would phone me in a couple of days to resolve the matter with me. The area manager called me a couple of days later to state the same thing...they would not refund or exchange the PJs because they had been worn. I was told over the phone that there was no way that this was a manufacturing problem, because they didn't have a lot of experience with these particular PJs being returned. She further said that the kids must have been extremely rough on them because so many buttons were missing, the back flap was partially ripped, and a seam was ripped in the back. I indicated that my children are definitely NOT rough on their things, and that the issues she noted were precisely the reason for our wanting a refund. She refused to believe me. I told her that my kids are not little children and that they are very careful about their things and that they had loved the PJs and had only worn them for 1 and 2 nights before it became obvious that the quality was terrible and we needed to return them. I offered to send her a picture of the kids receiving their PJs at Christmas, just four days before I brought them back to the store. She didn't answer. When I asked if she thought I was lying, she said that she couldn't believe me - she said that she had tried buttoning and unbuttoning a new pair of the same PJs in the store and that they had performed perfectly - my response was to laugh and to say that my children's PJs would still be looking great, too, if they'd never actually slept a night or two in them! She persisted in not believing me and said there was nothing she would do...she refused to refund them, and refused to exchange them. I hung up the phone, physically shaking from losing so much money and being treated so poorly...it is hard not to be believed. I am not only shocked at the terrible customer service, I can hardly believe that such obvious poor quality was not immediately and APOLOGETICALLY dealt with. I spent a much larger portion of our Christmas budget on these PJs than I should have, relied on their sales person's assurance of quality, brought them back with a receipt well within the proper time period, and have nothing to show for it (including the PJs, which are in the store's possession) other than a terrible taste in my mouth for anything to do with Polo Park's Oh Canada store and a hole in my wallet totalling $186.45. I will be making a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, to the Polo Park Shopping Centre, and I will be completing customer reviews such as this one. I would hate to have anyone else have this experience. It's been terribly upsetting, to lose the money and to persistently not be believed. It was a terrible experience, and I highly recommend that no one else shop here for fear of being similarly treated if expectations of the product are not met.

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