May 25, 2015

Do you know how to save money on your wedding? We do! And after reading this article you will know too. We have 8 great tips to help you save on wedding and nevertheless you will enjoy your D-Day to the fullest. You can save on a lot of trifles, so why don't use it?

1) Everyone wants to have beautiful memories captured by wedding photos or videos. Save money on wedding photography and hire some student studying art or photography. Internet is full of them, they are cheaper and their photos are often on the same level or even higher than those of professionals.

2) Not order a large multilevel cake. Or not order as much candy. From every wedding always rest a lot of sweets, instead of it could be saved a lot of money.

3) Involve your friends in the preparation of wedding. You don´t need a wedding coordinator, your best friend or sister will help you. Make a thoroughgoing schedule and you can do it!

4) Want to save money on wedding flowers? Buy those flowers that are in season now and not that ones that must be complicatedly and costly imported. For decorating use more greenery and less blooming flowers, your budget will thank you.

5) Create your wedding website and write in what you want as wedding gifts. Thanks that you can be sure you will really get what you want and on what you needn´t to spend money.

6) Choose a wedding date in non-peak season. Wedding in November is a beautiful thanks to colored nature and it will turn out cheaper than during the summer.

7) Save money on wedding invitations isn't as hard as you expected. Make a thorough list of guests and don´t waste more invitations for one family. One family = one invitation, as well as one pair = one invitation. Next, order really only so many invitations as you need.

8) Don't hire a live band and DJ, but choose only one option - choose according to the composition of the wedding guests and according to your own preferences.

We will bring you more tips in the next article.
Enjoy you wedding day :)


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