Nov 10, 2014

It is here, finally back after a year! Barely ended last period of Black Friday, we were all eagerly looking for its next year. Everyone loves the Black Friday and perfect discounts, which this holiday of shopaholics takes with. This year´s Black Friday falls on Friday, November 28 and without exaggeration we can say that this will be the biggest shopping event of the entire autumn, maybe even the whole year!

Black Friday kicks off the Christmas shopping fever

Black Friday is for many years the first swallow of Christmas shopping and is considered as its official start. Recently, however, is becoming increasingly popular to offer Christmas gifts much earlier - often during October, you can easily buy everything for Christmas.

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There is perhaps no store in the United States, which would not participate in Black Friday. And no wonder, for retailers is this discount event one of the biggest income for the whole year. For example last year, the takings during Black Friday and the weekend climbed to $ 57 billion, which is for most people absolutely unimaginable amount.

Discounts on Black Friday will be totally everywhere

However, how to know about all these discounts? The streets are full of leaflets; the mailboxes are overflowing with offers of various shops and advertisements on the Internet are not worth talking. Try one of the websites that accumulate all these discounts, collect them into a list and so you can choose your best.

One of these websites is instance, which offers really rich services. Not only that, it you will find a list of discounts that you can use within the Black Friday, but it also provides a comparison between discounts at different stores, composition your own Wishlist or downloading special mobile application. In addition, you can register on the web´s mailing list and accept all information about news related to Black Friday via e-mail.

Do you want to enjoy this Black Friday? So get up early!

An integral part of Black Friday in recent years is early opening of shopping centers. Or is it better to say "very late opening"? It depends, because a lot of shopping centers open already at midnight from 27th to 28th of November. And even you can find such shopping malls (and certainly there won´t be a few) that will attract customers from eight o'clock in the evening of the day before Black Friday. Whether you will go to stores during Black Friday early in the morning or in the afternoon, you should steel yourself with patience - long queues will be the same as in previous years, of course.

Year after year, the Black Friday in the United States have more and more participants - in 2013, according to surveys, it were almost 92 million customers. So what do you think, will we break this record during Black Friday 2014?

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