Feb 01, 2015

You certainly have ever noticed that a lot of fashion brands use celebrities from around the world for advertise their goods. Sometimes these celebrities only dress in clothing of this fashion brand; sometimes they design their own fashion collection. And that is exactly what is meant by collaboration in the fashion industry!

Karl Lagerfeld or Jimmy Choo for H & M

Fashion collaborations aren´t just a matter of luxury brands. Also brand H & M very intense invests into their collaboration with celebrities. This Swedish brand has in the past teamed with famous names, such as Stella McCartney, Madonna, Matthew Williamson and Jimmy Choo. The collaboration of last mentioned designer, J. Choo, was significantly different than previous ones - in 2009 it was in fact the first time that H & M has decided to establish the collaboration with the brand, which focuses solely on accessories and not on clothes.

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The above-mentioned Stella McCartney, however, doesn´t collaborate only with H & M, but designed several sports collection for Adidas. With Adidas has been associated in the past Missy Elliot, too. Very successful is the collaboration of world-famous model Kate Moss and Topshop with which she is inextricably linked - and both brand and model benefit from this union.

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And what was the most concerned collaboration of 2014?

One of the most anticipated collaborations was collaboration of Vivienne Westwood with fashion brand Asos. With this internet retailer she launched the original Ethical Africa range. Another highly anticipated collaboration was cooperation of Valentino with Brazilian footwear brand Havaianas. In the Valentino´s workshop arose fashion flip flops, unfortunately without the fulfillment to basic idea of collaboration - to offer goods from well-known designers at a reasonable price. These flip flops from Valentino almost cost a small fortune.

J. Crew presented the shoe collection, which was created by designer Sophia Webster. This collection was constituted by a total of 12 models that was reworked styles from Webster's main line. Definitely worth mentioning is collaboration of Sarah Jessica Parker and brands Manolo Blahnik and Nordstrom. Given this celebrity is mainly connected with the role of Carrie Bradshaw in the series Sex and the City, the collaboration couldn´t end in a different way. SJP created original collection of Manolo Blahnik shoes, which was available exclusively in Nordstrom.

We hope the 2015 will be rich in collaborating of celebrities and fashion brands at least as it was the last one. We cannot wait!


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