Mar 06, 2015

Everyone loves shopping. And who says no, lies; because he loves it even more. Shopping is one of the most widely passion of people all around the world. But unfortunately it is a rather expensive hobby - there are millions of people who are able to spend their whole salary or even more money during one or two days in stores. But you can save a significant amount of money when you shop in outlets!

The outlets don't stand for poor quality goods

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that in the outlets are only second-hand goods, because outlets are often confused with second-hands. With an ugly, sometimes damaged, well-worn clothing that is totally out. But there is a substantial difference between second-hands and outlets…

Outlets have their origins in the 80s of last century in the USA and now can be found all over the world. In the outlets are designer goods at very pleasant and mostly much lower price than in the classical stores. The aim of the outlets is to sell out goods from warehouses that are unsellable in stores. It is often about clothes from previous collections, of which only disadvantage is just old age – it usually don't correspond with the latest fashion trends. However, the fine designer clothes at so affordable prices couldn't be found anywhere else than in the outlets.

Outlets don't focus only on clothing but also on electronics, perfumes, sporting goods, watches or seasonal goods.

Outlets in the US

Go and shop in the outlets anywhere in the US isn´t a problem. There are dozens and hundreds of small outlets, which often operates on the principle of “purchase – sale”; these outlets buy goods in huge outlets or directly from manufacturers and then sell the goods with profit margins. Equally there are large outlet chains offering plenty of goods of famous as well as less known brands. And some large outlet chains have even their own fashion brand.

TIP: Find outlet in the US - use outlet locator!

The most popular outlet chain in the US is the network of Premium Outlets, which has currently a total of 70 branches throughout the United States and two in Canada, one in Mexico and nine in Japan. Tanger Outlets also has dozens of outlet malls and they managed to break through in Canada, too.

Shopping in the outlets is definitely worthwhile - you can buy designer clothes, almost the same as in stores, but at much lower prices. What more can we ask for?


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