Nov 29, 2015

Florida is a popular place for various groups of people: for seniors, who decided there to enjoy their old age through young families who can afford a relaxing life on the ocean shore to young people who love shopping. And especially the last group will rejoice at this news: in Daytona Beach will be opened a new shopping center!

Retail area for more than 80 retailers

Definitely it would not be about any small shopping center - it will take area of 350,000 feet and it allows for the fact that this area will be filled with over 80 retailers. Their names are still not known, but it will not take a long time and we will see the first names.

The new shopping center will fall under Tanger Outlets and according to preliminary plans it should be opened at the end of 2016. Let´s hope that there will be no complications, and we will soon see the grand opening of the new shopping center.

Not only new possibilities for shopping, but for jobs too

Due to its size, the new shopping center is able to offer a large amount of new jobs - only during the construction of the center there has been employed more than 400 people at various jobs. As soon as the shopping center will be opened, it is expected that there will be a total of 900 new jobs.

Investors of the project chose really strategic location for the shopping center. It is located in the southeast quadrant of 1-95 and LPGA Boulevard; right next to it there is the Ladies Professional Golf Association with headquarter, where are also organized golf courses. In addition, the shopping center will be located only 6 kilometers from Volusia County beaches and 2.5 kilometers from the Daytona Speedway.

According to official statements, the objective of this center is to offer people shopping experience at world level. So let's see, wait for it...


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