Aug 02, 2015

Almost every woman and often a lot of men are interested in fashion nowadays. And most of us just want to dress nicely. Likewise a lot of people have to dig deep into their pockets, and they haven't enough money for luxury shopping. However luxury clothing can be bought at bargain prices in the outlets, which exist in hundreds across the United States. But you should beware of tricks in them…

Luxury goods at bargain prices - and where's the catch?

In the outlets you can really buy goods at prices which cannot be found in common stores. Therefore the question suggests itself: why all people don't shop only in the outlets? Why someone goes to boutiques? After all the goods in outlets is as good as in normal stores. Or maybe not…? 

Not. Some fashion houses produce goods which are meant for outlets, and also normal goods for boutiques. The collections for outlets are often made from inferior materials and from textile of which weight in grams is much lower than usually. Thus everyone who shops in outlets should thoroughly examine the quality of the goods and take a look at every purchased piece of clothes. And not only focus on the lowest price.

Trust but verify

It is important to remember that the goal of merchants is always and primarily to sell. And ideally sell with attractive margins. Therefore everyone, whether small boutiques, shopping malls and centers, outlets and outlet malls often resort to various marketing tricks. On labels of goods is often listed unrealistic price of which the merchant says it is the original price of the product. And below it is the price about 50% lower – the price for which the merchant actually sells it. In fact the written price should be much lower, in order to correspond with the true value of the goods.

Either way, shopping at the outlet malls is convenient and can save much of the money spent on clothing. Not every outlet is bad, definitely not - quite on the contrary. But a lot of wags exist and they just want to sell goods and not to take care about their customers. Fortunately, a lot of aware merchants exist who really care about the customers. So, trust but verify and carefully choose your favorite outlet!


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