Dec 19, 2014

Have you known that you can save more money on shopping clothing in few states of America? If you haven't, do not hesitate to read this article and get new information about shopping in US outlet malls and stores for even less money. 

Where to make tax exempt purchases?

Sales taxes are imposed by individual U.S. states, not by the federal government. For that reason the same merchandise may have different total price in one state over another.

There are five states in America which are free of all sales taxes. State-regulated sales tax on clothing or other goods are not in Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. Alaska also doesn't have a statewide sales tax but allows localities to charge local sales taxes. 

Some american states fully or partially offer taxes exemption for clothing. Minnesota, New Jersey and Vermont fully exempt clothing.

Pennsylvania impose tax only on certain furs, sports gear and formal attire. All other clothing is exempt from taxes. Clothing up to 175$ is exempt from taxes in Massachusetts, up to 110$ in New York and up to 250$ in Rhode Island.

Connecticut will exempt from taxes clothing and footwear under 50$ from June 1, 2015. 

Traveling will save you some money

According to the Tax foundation tax rates range is from zero to 9.45 percent. So if you are planning to change your wardrobe and get nice pieces of clothes for much more nicer prices, you should definitely travel to clothing tax-exempt state to make your purchases. 


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