Jan 04, 2015

Lots of girls and later women dream that the content of their work will be job in the fashion industry. For them there are plenty of opportunities in shopping malls as well as in outlet centers. Check with us the selection of some positions, on which you can achieve in the course of employment in outlet centers. Are you ready? So let's go to work in outlet malls!

Working in the outlet, it is not just about an ordinary shop assistant

Passing over working positions as the chief of outlet and all departments like marketing, HR or economic. Here is a summary of the 7 jobs in outlet malls:

  • Co-manager – while does not associate in the outlet store and serve customers, this role is very important. Co-manager is responsible for the overall brand strategy and ensures and develops corporate culture and often devises special events for customers. This is a higher position for which you must obtain verifiable and relevant experience at first.
  • Lead Cashier - a very important position, within which you will be responsible for generating maximum profits from purchases, maintaining the appearance of store and cooperation of all subordinate cashiers. Every day, in addition to this position, you have to cooperate with the management of store. Again, this is a position on which you need to have previous experience.
  • Stock Lead – at this position you will get complete responsibility for shipping and receiving goods to the store, its subsequent placement into store and also for inventory restocking. It will also be your task to create maximum sales potential and minimizing weaknesses of the store.
  • Sales Associate - when gaining this position you will usually work in a team with other people in the same positions. Your common goal will be maintaining maximum customer satisfaction, continuous improvement in the appearance of the store and even deciding how exactly will be goods distribute in the store. It does not sound bad, eh?
  • Key Holder - in this position you will be the right hand for Store Manager and management and you will prepare materials for better efficiency and profitable operation of the store.
  • Visual Assistant - is responsible for all activities that are related to the overall visual style of store. At the same time you will motivate a team and design marketing strategies to increase sales volume.
  • Floor Supervisor - it sounds like you should to take care of the purity of the floor, right? So it does not truth, you will be partly responsible for creating business potential, solving of personnel shortages and managing outlays.

We are sure that there will be some of you who work in outlet centers and your position is not in this list. It could happen, of course – because each outlet prepares staffing itself and not in any outlet you will find the same positions.

If your goal is to work in outlet mall, do not hesitate and go to your dream ahead. Send your CV, call to outlets and walk thoroughly prepared for interviews - you will see that once you will run into your dream job!



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