Aug 16, 2015

The wedding is for many people one of the most beautiful days in their life. For many of them, it is also one of the costliest days in their life. Dress, food, band, guests' transportation, evening entertainment, drinks... Everything costs so much. We advise you how to save at least on something and subjugate wedding budget.

1) Pencil and paper are the basics! Write on large paper precise timetable of wedding preparations and on the second paper schedule of your wedding day. Determine who is responsible for what, by when it must be done, and checked all tasks thoroughly. It saves you from unwanted panic.

2) Plan your wedding in advance and take advantage of discounts. If you plan your wedding a year in advance, you can take an advantage of discounts on Black Friday or other shopping holiday, and for example buy very cheaply wedding decoration.

3) Save money on wedding bouquet and carefully select the types of flowers. Always aim for the flowers that are currently in bloom. And put on only one or two kinds of flowers.

4) After wedding, sell all what you can sell. We mean for example the special dishes that you got especially for wedding banquet, or decorations about which you know that are suitable only for the wedding.

5) If you want to save money on wedding food, cancel the big luncheon. It is usually followed by a snack in a variety of canapés, sandwiches and various dainties. Prepare only the self-service buffet, it is much cheaper and everyone can take, what he want.

6) Generally if you need save money on catering, don't serve a sit-down dinner. Let people freely stroll and go for a meal; it stirs up a fun and guests always take only as much food as they want. If you have a wedding on summer, approach it as a BBQ party.

7) The photos and the video are memories that never get old. Save money on wedding photographer and hire a young photographer who is still studying - beginning photographers often have beautiful images and their prices are much lower than these from professional photographers.

8) Keep a cool head. Try not to go mad from each cute trifle which you see on the photos from someone's wedding. Think practically and be able to say: No, we don't really need it, it is a waste of money.


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