Jul 30, 2014

Outlet shopping is all about good prices, right? Everybody knows that compared to a normal retail store, outlets offer very interesting prices, but not every outlet is the same. Let´s have a look at outlet stores and factory outlets and answer the question: Who has better prices?

Outlet store is not always a factory outlet

Even if the term outlet store is used generally for shops that offer discounted merchandise, there is a slight difference between factory outlets and outlet stores. Shortly, factory stores sell pieces from one brand, from one manufacturer, and outlet stores sell various products.

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They both sell the same pieces, but for different prices – why?

Outlet stores as well as factory outlets both offer discounted products, usually overproduced stock or returned pieces. It used to be mostly somehow defective pieces, but it is not the rule now. The difference is that factory outlets belong to the manufacturers and outlet stores are the third party sellers.

Speaking price-wise, in an outlet store you buy directly from the manufacturer and there is no other retailer who would add on his own price. 

Logically, factory outlets should be cheaper, but it is not the rule

From what we have said until now, factory outlets should offer the best price on market, right? But the opposite is the truth. Factory outlets have become the undiscovered niche where companies can approach new customers and logically, they want to make more money.

So, in a factory outlet you still get a good deal, but usually you pay more than you would for the same piece in a third party outlet store. 

When to shop in factory outlet and when outlet store is a better choice?

Outlet stores offer single or very few pieces of various discounted merchandise, so if you come at the right time, you can get very nice pieces for the best prices. The important thing is that you aim for the bargain. 

Find your local outlet store and go check the bargains they have. 

On the other hand, in the case you aim for a certain item, for example trousers from a particular brand, factory outlet is the right choice for you. They might not have the best price available, but you don’t need to wait until the trousers appear in your outlet store. Which is quite unlikely to happen at all.

Find your closest factory outlets of your famous brands. 

What is your strategy of finding the best prices? Do you regularly visit your outlet store or go directly to factory outlet when you need something? Let us know in the comments.


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