Jan 10, 2016

Biggest shopping holiday and mostly discounted shopping in the US is Black Friday on last November Friday. On this day, prices of goods falls down and wallets of majority of people go through shopping mania. But in January it is the same - after-Christmas discounts achieve rapid value and can really save you hundreds of dollars. Now we are advising you how to do it - what to buy and what to avoid in American stores!

Avoid the electronics, better is to buy clothing

Where are the best post-Christmas discounts? Certainly in department stores where discounts reach about 50-60%. Great discounts can be found also in the home improvement stores because retailers need to get rid of old stocks of merchandise from last season. In addition to stores, you should also check the websites of travel agencies, which offer great discounts on flights and package tours. And while we are talking about website – you can find discounts not only in shopping malls but also on the internet. So if you don´t want to go out, shop at online stores, which teem with discounts.

For a very low price you can now buy for example winter clothing, food gift baskets or gift boxes of cosmetics - in short, anything that people buy as Christmas gifts. Therefore it is possible to cheaply buy toys for children. Think ahead during shopping: what awaits you during the year? A wedding, an anniversary or a baby? For all these occasions you can now buy very cheap decorations and much other stuff.

But you should avoid buying electronics, which reaches up to the biggest discounts in the spring months. The same is valid for fitness equipment, whose prices are not very lowest after Christmas. However, there are some exceptions, so it pays to look for a bargain a lot and not be afraid of being rummaging through goods in stores.

5 types of goods, which now pay to shop

As noted above, not everything is really worth buying in the post-Christmas shopping. But we chose for you 5 kinds of goods, which you can now buy at truly unbeatable prices.

  • Christmas lights – for retailers is disadvantageous to store them to the next season because of the shortening guarantee. More profitable for them is to sell lights at a very low price - which is an advantage for you.
  • Holiday cards - holiday cards will come in handy for the next year and now are very cheap - because their season had ended. But it is not a problem for you; hide them for the next year.
  • Wrapping paper - as well as holiday cards, wrapping paper is also very cheap. Buy it in stores and save few dollars!
  • Winter clothing – it is proved that most of winter clothing is sold before Christmas. But retailers had to make sales also after the Christmas, so they sell winter clothes with big discounts and you can buy it for a fraction of a price.
  • Gift sets - everything what is packed in Christmas package, you can buy more than half cheaply - mostly it is about beauty boxes. If you want to give someone them as a gift, just unwrap the goods and repackage it into a non-Christmas package.


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