Jul 18, 2014

On this site you can find all outlet stores and mall in the United States and the logical question could be: What is this outlet? In the last article we answered the question about outlet stores, today we will have a closer look on outlet malls.

The question is: What is an outlet mall?

Let´s start from what we know: shopping mall is usually “one or more buildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to walk from unit to unit.” (wiki) and from that outlet mall is a shopping mall, where you can shop in outlet stores for  better prices.

At first sight: How to recognize an outlet mall.

There are generally two types of outlet malls:

  1. Outlet mall that looks like an ordinary shopping mall, but without cinemas, restaurants, play parks and other “leisure activities” that make American families spend the whole days in a mall (!). Outlet malls are there mainly for shopping! The second visible difference is that in outlet mall, you can usually enter each outlet store from outside – they have their special entrances.
  2. The second type of outlet mall represents “the smaller malls”, sometimes called outlet centers, you can usually find at the suburbs. These are several outlet stores built next to each other in order to attract more customers.

Where is your outlet mall? 

There were times when you would have to drive many miles to shop for good prices. Today, times are better and outlet malls are being built closer to the city center – still traditional shopping malls are closer to the customer, sometimes in the very center of the city. 

Even if we might always have to drive some distance to get the best bargain, the number of outlet stores and malls is still growing, so maybe there is a new outlet mall being built just behind your corner!

Where is the closest outlet mall in your area: Check out now!

Average American outlet shopper takes maximum 1 hour drive to her or his favorite outlet mall. How long do you travel? Let us know in comments.


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