Apr 21, 2015

Surely, it sometimes happens to you. While shopping in the boutiques you found a jacket, shirt, pants or dresses and told yourself: I wish it cost at least about half of the price, I would have bought it. If you are lucky and you know in your neighborhood some outlet mall, it is possible that this piece of clothing can be found there for a much lower price. If you don't know any outlet, you have to depend on shopping malls.

It isn't a problem, but! The goods in "better" and luxury stores have sometimes incredibly high prices and only a few people can afford to buy them. Fortunately, there exist the aforementioned outlets and outlet malls where you can enjoy cheaper shopping. There are a lot of pros and cons why to shop in outlets rather than in conventional shopping malls. But it is valid also on the contrary.

2 major benefits of shopping in the outlets

  • The price of goods - the amount which you pay for the goods in the outlet, is incomparably lower than in the normal shops.
  • A wide range of goods - sure, there are also specialized outlets focused on the specific brand. But across the United States you can find a lot of large outlet malls, where are all the brands that come to your mind - Hugo Boss, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's, Prada, Victoria's Secret and many others.

2 major disadvantages of shopping in the outlets

  • The tug of war – it sometimes happens that you have wrestle for the last piece of clothing in your size or favorite color. And unfortunately it often happens that you lose.
  • Rummaging in clothes - the clothes are often thrown on a pile and you have to rummage through it. There are already outlets in which are goods hanging on hangers; however in many of them you have no other option than just rummage in.

What is the summary? To shop rather in the outlets or shopping malls? As you like. If you love shopping of clothes and you are able to spend a lot of money for it, shopping in the outlet and its price will surely pay. But you have to get used to the fact that in outlets you mostly find goods from past or rather before last season. If you want to be trendy and wear the latest fashion collections, rather let's go to the one of the shopping malls.


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