Nov 20, 2014

Are you on the west coast of the USA, you want to change your wardrobe and update it with branded designer clothing from the latest collection at the lowest price possible? Here are few tips for the best outlet shopping on the west coast.

Best outlet malls on the west coast

Cabazon Outlets in South California is located on the way from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. This outlet mall is recommended by many shoppers. For its popularity it is possible that lot of goodies fly out the door too quickly. Cabazon outlet mall sells YSL, Gucci, D@G, Escada, Burberry and many others. Cabazon is the real deal.

Desert Hills Premiun Outlets in California is definitely the place to go and is located right next to the Cabazon Outlets. It has everything you can imagine from high end designers (it has the only Gucci outlet on the West Coast) to standard outlet favourites.

Camarillo Premium Outlets in South California lies just an hour away from Los Angeles and is defenitely worth to visit. This place is really huge, you should be prepared to stay here all day. If you are looking for handbags you should definitely see the Camarillo's selection.

The best outlet mall to visit in Oregon is the Woodburn Company Stores. This nice outlet mall is very popular and the additional advantage is that the prices are lower then in other states of USA because of no taxes on clothing. 

There are two Las Vegas Premium Outlets – North and South. North Las Vegas Premium Outlets has 150 stores with mostly high end designer brands while the South Las Vegas Premium Outlets with 140 stores offers the more standard ones. 

There are many other outlet malls worth to visit on the west coast. For example Las Americas Premium Outlets in San Diego, Outlets at Gilroy if you are in San Jose, Ontarion Mills Outlet in Southern California and many others. 

Few tips for the best outlet shopping at the end

Good advice is to plan your shopping trip before you go. Go online, select an outlet mall by location, look at the stores in outlet mall you are planning to visit, see which ones you are interested in, mark them on a map so you exactly know where to go and then go.

Remember outlets are hit or miss both for prices and inventory. It is good to follow the oulet malls offer and special events.


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