Jul 30, 2014

Outlet malls and stores are famous for their good prices, but not everything that glitters is gold. Outlet shoppers should be cautious about the real price and quality of items they are buying. In this article we will look closer at those two major reasons why you don’t get the best deal in an outlet mall. And how to avoid it.

The story about an outlet with best prices

Outlet stores used to sell mostly damaged or poorly made pieces, but that is not the major purpose of outlets anymore. The main objective now is said to be the overstock or returned quality merchandise for much better prices than in normal retail stores, ideally…

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The other side of the story

Outlet stores recently became very popular and almost every premium brand has its own factory outlet now. It is good to know where to go to get good pieces for better prices, but this trend very quickly led to the fact, that some manufacturers started creating merchandise specifically for outlet shoppers.

This means that the pieces in an outlet store might look the same as the pieces in a normal retail store, but they are made from lower quality materials or with poorer technology. This is not what we came to the shop for, right?

For more, there is a difference between factory outlet and an outlet store. Read more about it.

Bargain is not always a bargain

The second thing is that a price tag might not always be truthful. When the tag says 79% off the retail price, can we be really sure that the former price of that item was what they say it was? Sometimes the prices are just made up to make you feel like getting the best bargain in your entire life. 

The only way to get the best prices is…

If you know product you are buying, you probably its “real price”, but if you run into a piece you have never seen before, check the price before proceeding to the cash desk. One option is to go to the mall and visit a retail store and see their price tags, or to take out your smart phone and check the prices online.

Where is the better price? In factory outlet or in an outlet store? Answer here.

The same rule applies to the quality of the product. Especially when buying discounted piece from world famous brand that is very expensive in retail store, make sure it is not just a poor imitation. Check the quality of materials and details just like specific brand features (logo, etc.). In this case it is very convenient to go to the retail store first, just to check the original item - it is very hard or even impossible to decide quality from a picture or a description found on the internet. 

Lesson learnt.

Don´t automatically expect that what you buy in an outlet mall store is less expensive than the same item in a regular store. This is how the outlet game is played. The only way how to be sure if you got the best deal is to compare the real prices and products.

Go check if the outlet store near you offers the best prices.

What is your experience with outlet shopping? Have you always got a good bargain or do you have any strategy to check the quality of the product? Let us know in the comments.


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