Oct 08, 2014

It is a common belief that humans need to see reason or purpose in things they are doing. Could outlet shopping be an exception? It seems as if for many outlet shoppers it was natural thing to buy good pieces for better prices. Or as if the word SALE or DISCOUNT attracted humans as a magic spell …? NO, don’t get spiritual here, there are logical reasons why shopping in outlet is good, and in this article we will look closely on five of them.

1. Outlet is always cheaper

Outlet stores and malls are famous for their good prices. That doesn’t necessarily mean that outlets would always offer best prices on market, but unlike retail stores, outlets are “on sale” the whole year

In regular stores you can run into “end-of-season sales” and that sort of events, but in outlet you can be sure that the merchandise is always discounted 20% to 40% below department store prices.

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2. You don’t wear what everybody else is wearing now

You know the feeling when you put on your new sweater and then you meet a girl wearing the same! This will not happen to you if you shop in outlet store, because very rarely they sell current season, which means you are always original!

3. You don’t pay posh staff

Other big difference between retail store and outlet store is the quality of services they offer. Now the question is on you “Are you buying a new blouse or the posh lady that tells you I think this perfectly suits the color of your eyes?” 

When you go to outlet store, don’t expect high quality services, expect better prices. And to offer better prices, sellers need to cut off their expenses, for example the salary of that posh saleswoman.

4. You are the newly discovered customer 

One comment from the economic field: stats say that outlets are the fastest-growing segments of American retail and for many brands outlet customers are the yet uncovered set of customers. 

Generally speaking, outlet customers are too price-sensitive to buy at a high-service primary retail store or tourists, and there is nothing to be ashamed of! Apparently sellers are recognizing us, so the best deals are yet to come!

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5. Outlet is around your corner

With the growing number of outlet stores and malls, chances are that there is at least one outlet just around your corner. Check it!  Go to the outletstoresmalls.com - outlet locator and type in your location. It will give you the list of outlet malls and stores in your area with brands, mall hours, addresses, phone numbers, websites…

These were 5 basic reasons why shopping in outlet store is better than shopping in retail store. Can you think of some other reasons? Share it with us in comments!


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