Jun 14, 2015

Perhaps every woman dreams of a colossal wedding with a lot of guests and with fireworks, the crowd of bridesmaids and a rich banquet. Likewise, almost every woman in the course of planning the wedding budget finds out that a lot of things cost more than she expected. Today we have 7 tips on how to save on wedding.

1) Forget about the wedding on weekend, because these days cost the most. Slightly cheaper than Saturday's wedding is that on Friday, but the most ideal is on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

2) Save on wedding dress and borrow it! There's nothing wrong with it, a lot of brides do it too. In the rentals, beautiful dresses at reasonable prices can be found.

3) Introduce strict rules at the alcohol bar - only a beer, wine and maybe one or two kinds of spirits will be served, not more. Or better yet, replace the spirits with a favorite cocktail (Aperol Spritz or perhaps Mojito).

4) Save on wedding venue isn't as hard as you probably expected. Keep the ceremony on the same place as the subsequent banquet and party - save for the transport of wedding guests, double rent and decoration two places.

5) When we are talking about the wedding venue ... Choose the one that doesn't need too many decorations in which you have to invest.

6) Save on wedding cake and order just one. And not five-storey, six-foot high or as large as your bed is. At the wedding there are always plenty of food and the cake isn´t never eaten at all. And eventually it end up in the trash. This is an item on which you can save a good amount of money.

7) Never pour the champagne into glasses on the tables before guests sit down. Half of these glasses remain untouched, and for you it's a waste of money. If someone wants champagne, have it prepared at the bar.

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