Jan 18, 2015

For many years, the Friday after Thanksgiving belongs to all lovers of shopping and fantastic discounts, not only in the US but also in many other countries around the world. In 2014 Black Friday fell up on 28 November. How did Black Friday 2014 ended up? How much money people spent? And for what goods they spent the most? And what about the results of BF 2014 compared to the previous BFs?

People didn´t spend last year as much as before

Just a week after the shopping frenzy around Black Friday, which doesn´t take only one day, but from Thursday to Sunday, the National Retail Federation has released report according which the sales for BF 2014 decreased by 11% compared to sales last year. Partly this may happened due to the fact that people are getting used to the great prices don´t last only one weekend, as stores often claim, but a lot of days after the end of official BF.

Regarding the total number of customers - during the four-day "weekend" (from Thursday, November 27 to Sunday, November 30) over 133 million Americans bought, both in stores and online.

People are also increasingly getting used to online shopping, which is easier and within BF 2014 used it just a little more than in the previous year. According to available data, every customer (who shopped online during the BF weekend) spent in average $ 160, which is about 10% less than last year.

Why people shopped less? And what they actually bought?

According to some opinions, the main reason of the lower interest on purchases during BF 2014 is the fact that a significant proportion of Americans are still not over the economic crisis. Another problem may be the fact that the discounts in shops aren´t as unusual as it was before, when there were only at certain times. Currently it is possible to come across discounts in shops in almost every part of the year. Then, within BF, discounts aren´t so interesting for many people.

Discounts in the amount of tens of percents were possible to find in stores across the entire US. For example, one of the most widely department stores in the United States, Walmart, said, that their offer with discounts on BF downloaded over 25 million people! And their top selling goods were tablets, TVs, sheets, children's apparel and video gaming.


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