Jan 11, 2015

If you have been reading this shopping guide carefully, you already know a lot about outlet shopping. You know what to buy in outlet stores and where to find it. Next key to outlet shopping success is TIMING! You can be prepared perfectly, but if you arrive to outlet store and the best buys are already gone, all your efforts are wasted. This article will help you!

As you already know, outlet stores do not usually have end-of-season sales. That is good, because outlet merchandise is always discounted 20% to 40% below department store prices. On the other hand, one might easily get fooled and think that the best buy is just waiting for you in the store and you can come at any time. THAT IS NOT TRUE!! 

There is specific time, when outlet shopping gets even more convenient. Let´s have a look at basic guidelines: How to shop in the perfect moment? Your wallet can thank us later.

Shop off-season

This is a logical one. If you need new bikini, buy it in winter. Do you need a winter gear? Look for it in spring. Got it? If you start thinking about new winter jacket, because it is getting cold outside, you can be sure that it is exactly the same time when stores sell jackets and want to make the best money out of it (the same rule goes both for retail and for outlet stores!). As an experienced outlet shopper, you need to think twice.

Shop off-Hours

Even if you feel like one of the few enlightened shoppers that have uncovered the tricks of retailers, the truth is that outside your door there are thousands of people who want to get their best bargains in your favorite outlet store. Therefore, outlet malls can be very busy, especially during major shopping times like holidays. If you can, shop when everybody else is doing something else– the easiest time is when they are at work. 

Shop too early or too late

Ok, now you no longer shop on weekends, so let’s get even more specific. The best outlet deals are to be found early in the morning or late in the evening. True story. Especially during the summer time you just don’t want to walk through the mall that is crowded with sweating people. Check your local store hours, because many outlet centers have extended opening hours!

Check opening hours of your local outlet mall here!


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