Aug 09, 2014

What a tricky question, you might ask, the best discount is always the biggest discount, right? Well, sometimes the opposite might be the truth. In this post we will open the topic of good discounts, because not every price tag that says 80% off really offers that bargain. So what do we do about it?

It is the true nature of outlet stores to provide their customers with the best prices available. But as the outlet industry grew bigger, not every salesman is the smiling factory owner who is just selling his overstock merchandise for better prices just because he has too much of it. This picture outlet stores is history

Nevertheless, outlet stores are still the best place to save money, but do not expect that every piece is as great bargain as it is said on the price tag.

What is a good discount? 20% to 40% off

Most outlets have their merchandise usually 20% to 40% below the retail prices. A market research pro 1998 said, that the average discount was – 24%. What is the average discount today? 

Go and check it in your nearest outlet. (And let us know in the comments)

Very often the price tag claims much higher sales. This is the time when our attention wakes up. If not, it should! With rising discounts rises the probability that the retail price might have just been made up. That´s when outlet sales no longer pay off…

Is it impossible to get 80% discount? No, but you have to hunt for it.

We are not saying that it is impossible to find a fair deal for just a fraction of its former price. There are loads of treasures like this in outlet stores, but you just don’t find them on every corner. 

Here you have some outlet shopping tips for the hunting season:

  • Find your local outlet store that usually has only few pieces of certain merchandise (the last pieces always cost the least). And visit it regularly.

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  • Be realistic when shopping. No one is selling a $1,200 handbag for $100 ... unless it is a poor copy of a famous brand or a mind blowing selling strategy.

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  • Spend within your budget. Even if the piece is the best buy in your life, but you don’t have money to buy it, don’t buy it!

Do you have some other shopping tips or recommendations? Share it with others in comments.


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