Aug 09, 2014

What is so appealing on outlet shopping? It is pure psychology: we just are naturally appealed by good bargains. It makes us happy, right? So sellers put on appealing price tags for us to feel good as we leave their store in a car full of things. Then we are more likely to come back. BUT, who should be happy the most is your bank account!

We all know the feeling…

You are just walking through the outlet store when you run into the item that was literally sitting on the shelf alone, just waiting for you (to buy it).  

It seems like destiny, a piece you never even knew you needed just appears in front of you and it is twice cheaper than if you would want to buy in it a retail store. And for more, if you don’t buy it, the lady behind your back will! 

So you take the item and immediately proceed to the cashier. With a big smile on your face. Pure destiny!

No, it is not destiny, it is the psychology of outlet shopping

Discounts in outlet stores can be very appealing. It seems as if our brains were wired to look for sales. We all want to save money and buy first class pieces at the same time and when we achieve this goal, we are extremely happy. 

But don´t forget:

Outlet shopping is one of the fastest growing segment of American retail and as such it is primarily designed to make a lot of money, not to make YOU happy.

Don’t be psycho – use your brain (or your smart phone)

Whenever you enter an outlet store, make sure you didn´t forget your rational brain in the car. Don’t get crazy by the awesome door signs and colorful price tags and always follow those 3 rules of outlet shopping:

RULE 1. Know your local outlet store. So you know the merchandise they are usually offering and the prices they ask for it, so that any so-called “offer of the year” doesn´t take your attention away.

Find your local outlets here.

RULE 2. Be aware of the retail prices. When they offer 90% discount, double check if the retail price is really what they say. If you don’t have the price in your head, use smartphone apps that allow you to compare prices online.

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RULE 3. Make sure the quality is what it should be. Some factory outlets are offering current season for better prices, but from less quality materials (and they don’t tell you the second part of the sentence). 

How do you decide the materials and quality of the manufacturing process of items you are buying? Share with others in comments!


 By  Kevin  on 

I usually use my previous experience with the brand and product in general. And of course...price :)

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