Nov 13, 2014

Are you also tired of waiting in long queues both in front of stores and inside them before cashes? You do not like a lot of people who you cannot simply avoid during the Black Friday? But still you want to enjoy these fantastic discounts and shop favorably? So this year, stay in the comfort of home and arrange all purchases within online shopping!

Shopping online during Black Friday/ Cyber Monday is definitely worth

Much larger online shopping boom in recent years (specifically since 2005) takes place not during Black Friday, but in the following Cyber Monday. Incomes within the Cyber Monday are higher from year to year, which is proof of that every year more and more people have a liking for online shopping.

And which categories are most popular during Cyber Monday? It is the same as on the Black Friday. Customers buy most goods from department stores and general apparel, followed by accessories to computers and the computers themselves and electronics. The most significant discounts within online shopping during Cyber Monday are on consumer electronics, video game consoles and accessories for home and garden.

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At great online prices you can also buy TV, tablets, smart phones, toys for children (from Lego to Barbie), clothes of famous and lesser known brands or Apple´s products. There used to be a lot of discounts and everyone will find its favorite one!

Which stores offer online shopping during Cyber Monday? Almost all!

Perhaps all shopping websites offer during Cyber Monday fantastic discounts. Among the most popular, which are confronted with the onrush of thousands of customers, are certainly Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Kohl's or Macy's. However, in general we can say that every online store welcome during Cyber Monday much more percents of customers than in the ordinary day. And this is also reflected in incomes - last year, customers spent during Cyber Monday over $2.29 billion.

It is interesting that last year during Cyber Monday were the most purchases realized not from personal computers, but from those we have at work. No wonder, Cyber Monday or Black Friday are not a national holiday and even when many of us take a holiday, some people just have to stay at work. Discounts, however, loves everyone, so we think that also your boss will manage narrow eyes if you would like to spend a few minutes of working day by online shopping within Cyber Monday.


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