Nov 14, 2014

Here is, the first and for many the most crucial part of our new shopping guides series – WHAT TO BUY IN AN OUTLET STORE? In this and in following articles we will give you ready to use tips on outlet shopping and here we start with the basic idea – what to buy?

1. Decide your strategy

It is very useful to know if you are looking for some particular item you need, or if you are just hunting good prices. Decide your shopping strategy before you enter the outlet store, because it can very easily happen that you will be leaving the store with bag full of pieces you don’t need and maybe don’t even want. 

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2. Set the budget

Shopping in an outlet store can be tempting and therefore it can dangerous – dangerous for your wallet! We shop in outlets because we want to spare money, right? Setting the budget you want to spend, no matter how awesome pieces you find, can prevent you from unintentionally spending your monthly wage.

3. Be realistic when shopping

Here comes the hard truth, honey: NOBODY is selling a $1,200 handbag for $100 unless it is a cheap copy.  Many items in outlet stores are a great deal and you can get designers pieces for good money, just because they are off season or the last pieces on stock. But not all of them!

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4. Check the details

Here comes the situation: you found the best handbag you ever dreamt of, it is for an amazingly favorable price and now you wonder, if you are still dreaming or if it is true. Well, the situation can be true, but the bag can be a dream, or better say “a fake”.


  • Carefully examine every little detail of the good, not only if you are buying a hand bag! The most common forgeries include as well watches and designer clothing. 
  • Start with the logo, stitching and packaging. Very often there are imperfections in the logo or inscriptions of the brand name that can warn you. Phrase such as „inspired by“ and „replica of“ mean the item is not real.
  • If you ran into a high-end luxury good, look for serial numbers. If it is original, it is very likely to have a unique serial number.  

5. Shop in outlet stores you know

Yes, outlet stores and malls are exceptional, but in this case they are no different from retail stores. (Ideally) there is a seller who wants you buy goods you want or need and wants you to be happy as you leave. Look for those stores who you can trust, stores with whom you have good experiences or to whom people refer positively. Those are less likely to sell crap!

Find such outlet store in your neighborhoodClick here.


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