Nov 21, 2014

The shopping season is getting to its peak and it is the best time to jump in your car and be the first in line for the great deals of the year. But wait, where exactly should you go? There are hundreds of places where somebody sells something! Therefore, the question of the second outlet shopping series is “Where exactly to go for the best price?” In this article you fill find three steps to follow on your way.

The best price could sometimes feel like THE IDEAL every shopper is dreaming of. Yet, especially on the main shopping season, avid shoppers can find pieces from the current season at up to 80% off retail. (Read more: Beware of fake sales! )

If you know where to go, shopping gets easier and we will not waste time explaining why shopping in outlets is the best, you already know that. So here are the three directions to follow on your way:

STEP 1: Let´s go to the mall!

First, find your local outlet mall, it is usually a good place to start your shopping, if you don’t have your favorite store yet. Generally speaking: It is a number of various outlet stores and the probability that you find your “best buy” is higher.

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STEP 2: Choose your outlet store.

There is nothing on Earth that would be truer that personal experience or a sound recommendation from a person you know. This applies to outlet stores as well. Find your local outlet store of a brand you like and check if they have what you want. If not, find another one.

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STEP 3: Go to the corner!

At first sight, many outlet mall stores look just like traditional retail stores. When your aim is to stun your friends with unbelievably favorable price tag on your new designer’s purse, head to the far corners where the clearance racks usually are. Start you search for the best buy in the outer edges of the store and check all the back of the store. 

Do you have other tricks where and how to find the best prices in the state? Share them with us and with others in the comments!


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